Benefits of Yard Debris Removal This Fall

//Benefits of Yard Debris Removal This Fall

The start of fall can be an exciting one for homeowners: as it gets colder, you won’t have to worry as much about regular lawn maintenance. However, the leadup to the first snowfall means having to remove any debris cluttering your yard before everything is covered, to ensure a healthy lawn next spring.

You should set up a mowing plan for your yard this fall. You will not need to mow as frequently as the days get colder, but you will need to continuing cutting it to allow the most sunlight to get to your grass as it absorbs necessary nutrients for winter. During the last few cuts, lower your mower blade to the lowest setting, cutting off one third of the grass blades. If needed, you can lower the blades gradually until the final two mowings of the season. This will decrease the amount of grass turning brown over the cold season and lead to a greener, lusher lawn next year. After you mow for the final time of the season, fertilize your lawn to keep your grass healthy and fed until spring.

You may need to remove dead leaves more than once this fall, and you should rake often. The first time you rake should be when the leaves begin to fall. If you wait until all of the leaves are down, you will risk raking wet leaves that have congealed together from rainfall, which can suffocate your grass and lead to fungus growing. This is also a good time to weed your lawn and spread herbicide to keep weeds from spreading.

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