Cleaning Out Your Garbage Tote

//Cleaning Out Your Garbage Tote

Depending on what you are using your dumpster for, it can develop an unpleasant smell. If you notice a new odor or dirt accumulating on your dumpster or toter, you can clean it by following these easy steps!

First, make sure your container is empty. It’s easiest to clean a container on collection day before you start filling it with more trash. Take your hose and spray down the inside with water. This is easiest with a sprayer attached to the hose and the water set to the “jet” setting. When there are a few inches of water at the bottom of the container, ideally 2-6 inches, add one cup of dish soap to the water. Molloy Disposal Services recommends using an eco-friendly soap. Using the “jet” setting once again, use a small amount of water to mix the soap and move it around the container before getting a broom, scrub brush or mop to scrub the walls of the container. Whatever you use should have a long handle, so you can get the entire height of the wall, as well as any far corners. Rinse out the inside of your container and pour the remaining water down a utility drain connected to a sewer. If the container has a lid, leave it off so the container can dry in the sun for several hours. After it is dry, spray the inside with a disinfectant spray.

Dumpster Rental & Curbside Pickup in South Shore, MA

If you are interested in renting a dumpster for your home, contact Molloy Disposal Services! We provide curbside trash pickup services to a number of towns in the South Shore, which comes with a 96-gallon toter to hold your garbage! To contact Molloy Disposal Services, call our offices at 1-781-834-1775 or fill out our online contact form.