Downsizing Around Your Home This Fall

//Downsizing Around Your Home This Fall
A pile of boxes in a cleaned out room

Downsizing can be an emotional undertaking. Whether you are preparing to move to a smaller dwelling or closing out the storage unit you visit twice a year, deciding which possessions to keep, donate or discard is a time-consuming process, and Molloy Disposal Services has some tips to ease the process for you!

Start early

Don’t wait until your move or renewal date is in sight. A tight deadline will enhance the emotions of going through your belongings. Start sorting when you decide for sure to give up the unit or move to give yourself plenty of time. If the task still seems daunting, call in reinforcements. If you have family or close friends nearby, ask them to help you. The people who know you best will be able to sort out what’s important or sentimental to you. You also don’t want to part with items too early, so it is best to start in spaces that are storing items that see less use, such as a basement or attic, before sorting through kitchenware and personal items.

Does this fit in?

You may have an idea of what your new space will look like, or what aesthetic you want it to have. Some items may not fit, both in appearance and in terms of space. If you’re getting rid of most of a set of furniture, it may be best to sell the full set and start with new, smaller furniture. Large items are also more costly to move, so you may be able to benefit from selling what you have and starting fresh. If there is one item you are particularly attached to and you have found something that matches, don’t feel like you have to sell all of it. While downsizing is a fresh start, it doesn’t mean you have to sell everything you hold dear. If there are things that hold great emotional value, are in good condition and you use it regularly, it can make the transition to your new home.

Home Cleanouts & Dumpster Rental in South Shore, MA

If you are beginning to clean out your home and are looking for assistance, contact Molloy Disposal Services! We provide assistance with home cleanouts, whether it is just moving large pieces or cleaning out the entire home. If you are looking to do most of the work yourself, we can provide rolloff dumpster rentals so you have enough space to throw out damaged or unwanted items. After you are done with your cleanout, we will take the dumpster off your hands. If you are interested in learning more about home cleanout services or dumpster rentals, give us a call at 1-781-834-1775 or fill out our online form.