Holiday Schedule

/Holiday Schedule

*Holiday schedule and snow storms- Please check out our website to become familiar with our holiday schedule and any delays due to snowstorms. Also please give us a call there will be a detailed voice mail if there are any delays due to snowstorms or Nor Easters and if there is a holiday that we do or do not observe. It is the customers responsibility to check website or voice mail to make sure they are on the same page in regard to these delays.


*Unacceptable items -Household rubbish and recycling only. Please refrain from placing paint, chemicals, oil including vegetable, any large metal items, grass clippings, yard waste or dirt/plants in your totes. These will be left behind. No construction debris, tile, wood or sheet rock etc. No bulk beach chairs or metal poles. No furniture such as chairs tables etc. If these items are co-mingled with your household rubbish it will be left behind. Household rubbish and recycling only. American flags can be dropped off to your local Veterans agent please refrain from placing in your rubbish. “Thank you for your business we greatly appreciate it. Should you have any Questions or concerns please call 781-834-1775 or email us at


Holidays we observe 2022:

The following will possibly delay your pickup by one day please read closely.

*Please view on a desktop to accurately see this calendar

Presidents Day

Patriots Day

Memorial Day

Fourth of July

Labor Day

Veterans Day











Feb 21st

April 18th

May 30th

July 4th

September 5th

November 11th

November 24th

December 25th

One day delay this week

One day delay this week

One day delay this week

One day delay this week

One day delay this week

Fri pick up will be pushed to Sat

Thurs. will be pushed to Fri. Fri to Sat.

Monday is a normal work day no delays this week