Simple Ways You Can Lower Your Trash Output Effortlessly

//Simple Ways You Can Lower Your Trash Output Effortlessly

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Trash is something not many people take the time to think about. However, it is an inconvenience to people when it comes to taking out the trash weekly, the unpleasant odor, and how much can accumulate. The average person generates about four pounds of trash a day! In about a year, the average person could accumulate about one thousand five hundred pounds of trash. There are various ways for someone to reduce the amount of trash he or she may bring about.
The first thought that most people think of when reducing their carbon footprint is recycling! Recycling is a great way to not only reduce your trash disposal, but you are being a beneficial component to the environment! It is always great to throw all of your paper, plastics, and cardboard into recyclable containers. If you do not have a recycling program where you live, there is always the option to start your own within your community or seek out a recycling center nearby. There are other great ways to reduce recycling materials as well. For instance, saving and reusing glassware or plastic containers from products which could be used for drinking or storage around the house.
At grocery and department stores, they display reusable bags toward their check-out counters to encourage shoppers to purchase and reuse them in order to lessen the use of plastic or paper bags. These reusable bags are not expensive and are a great way to not use multiple paper or plastic bags! You can use them just about anywhere from going to the beach, the farmers market, a cookout, or as a lunch bag. The bags range in size depending on where you go and can be used nearly anywhere for anything.
Any public place you go, there is a likely chance you may see water bottles on the ground or surrounding an overflowing trash bin. Investing in a reusable water bottle will lower your production in plastic waste, and is a very eco friendly option! Starbucks sells a variety of travel mugs and cups that customers can bring to any location for refills. This option for customers allows for them to reduce using paper and plastic cups for drinks.
Buying in bulk can easily reduce your production in trash because you are not buying multiple individual packages. If one can buy liquid detergents or snack variety packs in bulk, it can lessen the amount of trash from all of the packaging.
Doing your part and reducing your carbon footprint will only be beneficial for the future of the environment and your overall well being!