Why Winter is Best for a Home Cleanout

//Why Winter is Best for a Home Cleanout
Family cleaning out garage

When is the best time to clean and de-clutter your home? Many homeowners like to clean and organize their homes when the weather warms up. However, when temperatures fall and precipitation turns frozen, you have the best time of year to give your home a makeover.

More Garage Space

Living in Massachusetts leaves you prone to experiencing frequent snow storms. During a storm, you may want to move at least one of your vehicles into the garage, which means you’ll need to spend time freeing up enough space. Many of the items stored in the garage during the warmer months of the year store just as well in the basement.

The Season for New Things

When winter arrives, you no longer need to keep your golf clubs, tennis rackets, and/or canoe within easy reach. The time has come to rotate out warm weather recreational gear and put winter gear like sleds and snowboards out for use. The same principle applies to apparel, as your favorite tank is no longer needed and in its place, you hang the stylish cardigan that is a fashion hit during the holidays.

Reduce Indoor Allergens

Mold and dust mites accumulate in homes that rarely receive thorough winter cleanings. The result is congestion and coughing that lasts throughout December, January, and February. A thorough winter cleanout cleans out the allergens that make you unhealthy. All you need to do is wipe clean dusty surfaces and run the vacuum over carpet. Let a licensed home services contractor take care of the mold problem.

Good for Mental Health

Shorter days, longer nights, and overcast skies can turn the sunniest dispositions into somber moods. You do not have to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) to feel the winter blues. A thorough winter cleanout gets you off the couch and onto your feet with at least a goal in mind that keeps you active. Moreover, walking around a dirty and uncluttered home is not good for your outlook on life.

Start in the Kitchen

Your kitchen needs a thorough cleaning more than one time per year. For the winter cleanout, you take kitchen cleaning to the next level. A winter kitchen cleanout should include the disposal of expired and soon to be expired canned goods. Winter is also a good time to organize cabinets and pantries to ensure proper food rotation. Bleach the food prep area and clean the areas under the sink and behind the refrigerator.

Home Cleanouts in Marshfield, Scituate & Brockton, MA

Don’t wait until spring to perform the annual home makeover. Winter offers you plenty of time to clean and organize every room inside your home. Molloy Disposal Services will provide rolloff dumpsters to help you collect debris from your home cleanout, and we can even help you with the process! To schedule a cleanout with Molloy Disposal Services, call us today at 781-834-1775 or fill out our contact form.